CCHR Int Newsletter — May 2015


mental-disorders-not-diseaseCCHR has been fighting for decades to expose the fraud of psychiatric diagnosing and to educate people that there are no tests which can confirm psychiatric disorders as a disease or medical illness. Now, even leading psychiatrists are writing exactly this in the Huffington Post.

Psychiatrist Allen Frances, former Chairman of the DSM task force (those who vote on what is, or is not, a mental disorder), recently admitted the following in the Huffington Post, “‘Mental illness’ is terribly misleading because the ‘mental disorders’ we diagnose are no more than descriptions of what clinicians observe people do or say, not at all well established diseases.”

He also stated, “Those of us who worked on DSM IV learned first-hand and painfully the limitations of the written word and how it can be tortured and twisted in damaging daily usage, especially when there is a profit to be had…. The lesson: if some wording in DSM can possibly be misused for any purpose, it almost certainly will be.”

Yep. We are definitely making an impact….


CCHR Going Viral on Facebook

cchr-going-viral-facebookIn this past month alone, CCHR has reached over twenty-seven million people on Facebook, and five-hundred thousand of these people have shared or commented on our posts. The Official CCHR International Facebook page is engaging people in conversation like never before. Many agree with us, many are educated because of us, and many are even disagreeing with us, but the point is — they’re talking about us and they are spreading the word to others to join the conversation. We encourage all of you to join as well!

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How We’re Helping Others

cchr-helping-others“Without the help and support from the staff at CCHR I don’t think the outcome of our case to not drug our child would have been the same. After requesting help from many other organizations and being denied, only CCHR was willing to help. And, with your help, I was able to defend this case personally without an attorney.

Not only will my son not be forced to take harmful medication, but he will also be home in a week. I can’t begin to explain the amount of gratitude and appreciation my family and I have for your organization. Thank you.”

-T. Allen, Father

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