Alternatives To Drugs

Alternatives 0Why Safe, Effective Treatments to Mental Difficulties are Kept Buried

The larger problem is that the biological drug model (based on the bogus mental disorders are a disease marketing campaign) prevents governments from funding real medical solutions for people experiencing difficulty.

Alternatives 1There is a great deal of evidence that medical conditions can manifest as psychiatric symptoms, and that there are non-harmful medical treatments that do not receive government funding because the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars on advertising and lobbying efforts, including hundreds of their pharma funded “patient’s rights” groups to counter any medical modality that does not support their biological drug model of mental disorders as a disease. This even includes people diagnoses psychotic or schizophrenic – and there have been workable, non-drug programs such as Soteria House which have not received the recognition they should have been afforded considering their success rate when compared to patients treated with drugs. Why? Billions of dollars in revenue for the psycho/pharma industry would have been lost. This is an industry that time and again, has been proven to put profit above patients lives.

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