CCHR Int Newsletter — December 2012

1 in 5 Americans are currently taking psychiatric drugs—47 million adults and 10 million children—so that’s 57 million in the U.S. alone. In order to inform these individuals of the risks of these drugs, CCHR has taken its public awareness campaigns to a whole new level:

  • CCHR launched a national campaign called “Parents—Know Your Rights” which not only includes a short instructional video but also web pages giving parents step by step instructions on what to do if they’re told their child is mentally ill and/or needs drugs, what their alternatives are, and what laws protect them from being forced to drug their children.
  • CCHR then created summaries of all known risks of every class of psychiatric drug (Antidepressants, ADHD Drugs, etc) as well as full summaries of risks of major brand name drugs, such as Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Xanax, Ritalin, Adderall, and more. These simple pages give the public all the documented risks of these drugs in an easy to understand, comprehensible format and include international drug warnings, studies, and side effects reported to the US FDA. No other organization in the world has provided this information.
  • Next, CCHR launched a major online advertising campaign to inform the public about these new psychiatric drug side effects pages which also include links to an Alternatives page giving resources for finding non-harmful, non-drug alternative treatments.

Since CCHR launched these campaigns, less than a month ago, the visits to CCHR International’s website doubled! This means that thousands more people are now going to our website every week to get the facts about the side effects of psychiatric drugs, while finding non harmful medical and alternative solutions.

As we come to the end of 2012, we wanted to thank all of you for your generous donations to CCHR International, helping us create our latest public awareness campaigns which are having a major impact on people’s lives. Please continue to support these vital campaigns. As you can see from the comments on the side bar, you are literally helping us save lives. Please make your year-end donation today in support of CCHR and these vital campaigns.

What People Are Saying About CCHR

“I owe you guys at CCHR so very much, without your help this would have just drifted on into yet another kid drugged out of their mind and lost in a corrupt system. The more we get the message out the more they will think twice! I’m with you all the way!”

— J.B.

“The information you sent has been invaluable. Preston has been taken OFF Strattera and is in the process of being ‘healed.’ His TICS have diminished to once every 30 minutes instead of being only seconds apart. His appetite has already improved and he is beginning to show signs of becoming quite active again. Thank you thank you thank you! You have helped save the life of little Preston!”

— T.W.

“I am a parent of a child prescribed Adderall for ADHD. He complained of headaches, chest pains, stomach- aches, had mood swings, and became aggressive. After visiting CCHR’s website, I helped my son become drug free. The futures of millions of children are depending on CCHR.”

— M.H.