CCHR Int Newsletter — November 2012

Marine Corporal Andrew White was prescribed a cocktail of 19 different drugs in less than a year.

CCHR launched a four-part series on the drugging of our military, authored by award-winning investigative reporter Kelly Patricia O’Meara.

Her first two articles, Psychiatry & War: A Suicide Mission and Two Soldiers Prescribed 54 Drugs: Military Mental Health Becomes Frankenpharmacy were picked up and run by more than 20,000 online media outlets, including:

The Boston Globe
The San Francisco Chronicle
United Press International
LA Daily News
The MiamiHerald
International Business Times
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Star Tribune
Houston Chronicle
CBS MoneyWatch
The Sacramento Bee
The Columbus Dispatch and thousands more.

Read her latest article here.

Updates on CCHR’s One of a Kind Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine

CCHR created the world’s only online searchable psychiatric drug side effects database comprising ALL international drug regulatory warnings, studies and more than 470,000 side effects reported to the US FDA by doctors, pharmacists and consumers.

Now, using this information, CCHR has created executive summaries on specific classes of drugs (Antidepressants, ADHD drugs, Anti-Anxiety and Antipsychotics) and individual drugs such as Prozac, Risperdal, Xanax, Ritalin and many more to come.

No other organization on earth is giving people the facts about psychiatric drugs in such a comprehensive, yet easy to understand way, as CCHR. This is what your support helps CCHR to achieve.

Click here to visit our new Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Summaries page.

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Since the launch of CCHR’s membership campaign in August, CCHR has strengthened their ranks with 500 new members in the last few months. CCHR would like to welcome all new members. Support CCHR’s campaign to help children grow up label and drug free.

Save the Date — CCHR’s 44th Anniversary and Human Rights Awards Banquet

Save the Date! February 16, 2013

CCHR’s Anniversary and Human Rights Awards Banquet is an annual charity event honoring outstanding human rights achievements in the field of mental health reform, attended each year by more than 1,000 individuals, including, legislators, human rights activists, medical professionals and celebrities. For more information contact Eitan Celender or Deborah Bolin at (800) 869-2247, or email