CCHR Int Newsletter — June 2015


pills-june-2015With your support, CCHR, through our website, social media and news outlets, have reached tens-of-millions of people with our public awareness campaigns. For example, this past month, the well-renowned website,, used statistics from in their article, “3 Facts All Parents Should Know About ADHD Stimulant Drugs.”

This article forwards a similar message to CCHR’s Parents – Know Your Rights campaign, be informed and armed with the facts so that you can protect your children and loved ones from harmful psychiatric drugs.

This is due to your support and the hard work of the CCHR staff. Thank you for your continued support and dedication.

Time Magazine: “Where’s the Moral Outrage for ADHD Mass Medication?”

news-june-2015Another news outlet that has published articles which parallel CCHR’s message is Time Magazine. One of their most recent articles is called, “Where’s the Moral Outrage for ADHD Mass Medication?” This article states, “Though the normalizing of pharmaceutical aids may have muted any scientific discussion of whether attention deficit is a real medical epidemic, why hasn’t the quickening drift toward mass medication triggered some kind of public moral debate? Shouldn’t we as a society finally begin asking ourselves not just ‘Is this necessary/wise/safe?’ but ‘Is it right?'”

“They stepped in like fighting gladiators”

help-june-2015“One of the teachers in my daughter’s school decided she was a suicide risk, called in social workers who told me that she would need to be taken to Pinnacle Mental Institute and, if we didn’t comply, the DHS (Department of Human Services) would be called in and she would be taken from us.

“I called CCHR and, after explaining the situation to CCHR’s abuse department, letters were written to the school, Dept. of Human Services and the Pinnacle Mental Institute.

“CCHR worked with me every step of the way. When the DHS harassed and threatened to take my daughter away from me, they stepped in like fighting gladiators and condemned them for their incompetence.

“CCHR is the most spectacular, amazing organization in place today.”

-M.B., Father

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