CCHR Int Newsletter — September 2014


90k-emergency-room-visitsWith the release of a recent JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) psychiatry study showing that psychiatric drugs send nearly 90,000 Americans to emergency rooms annually, CCHR, the leading mental health watchdog, says there is a need for consumers to search its Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Database to learn the documented risks of these drugs.

The JAMA study reinforces the need for full disclosure and, with 79 million Americans taking at least one psychiatric drug, the study’s limited data at least provides an honest appraisal of the growing problem of adverse events associated with psychiatric drugs.

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CCHR Says Congress Should Look at Conflicts of Interest Influencing VA’s Failure to Investigate Psychotropic Drug Deaths

psych-conflicts-of-interest-vaWhile Congress currently is focusing on the VA’s alleged poor quality of care due to long wait times for medical access, still, little to no attention is being given to the hundreds of veteran cardiac arrests and suicides that occurred after being prescribed cocktails of dangerous psychotropic drugs, especially antipsychotics. Why?

CCHR believes that conflicts of interest on the part of psychiatrists serving the VA and the pharmaceutical companies may provide answers as to why sudden deaths from antipsychotics, and suicides linked to antidepressants, are still are being ignored.

It is for this reason that CCHR presented written testimony this year to Congressional hearings into military and veteran deaths.

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CCHR’s New Online Store on Facebook!

facebook-online-storeAs you may know, CCHR launched its brand new online store this month! Now, that same store which offers CCHR’s Apparel, Books, Merch, and Documentaries is now available on Facebook!

You can now buy all your favorite CCHR gear without leaving Facebook!

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