CCHR Int Newsletter — August 2015


timberlawn-decisionOn August 14th federal regulators cut Medicare and Medicaid funding to the Timberlawn psychiatric hospital in Texas, owned by Universal Health Services (UHS), following a court ruling.

CCHR has filed numerous complaints with federal and state officials about grievous problems at not only Timberlawn but at other UHS-owned psychiatric and behavioral facilities. CCHR International President, Jan Eastgate, states: “Complaints about UHS behavioral/psychiatric facilities have been filed with CCHR from patients, relatives and at least twenty-four whistleblowers (former employees) from at least seven UHS psychiatric facilities in recent years. CCHR is calling on other whistleblowers, patients and their families to continue to come forward.”

(Whistleblowers and those wishing to report abuse can fill out the form here all information is kept in strict confidence.)

Mind Games: The New “Female Viagra” is Actually an Antidepressant

mind-games-flibanserinFollowing the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the drug “Addyi,” which is misleadingly being touted as the “Female Viagra.” But unlike Viagra, which affects blood flow to the male genitals, Addyi, the “pink Viagra” for women, is all about messing with their minds: it’s an antidepressant drug and there are some very serious, even life-threatening adverse reactions.

While most would agree that it is insulting and demeaning to suggest women suffer from a mental illness because of a lack of desire to participate in a sexual act, the use of dangerous mind-altering drugs to allegedly increase a woman’s sexual desire is simply a continuation of the FDA and APA’s (American Psychiatric Association) history of pathologizing normal female behavior and it is a disservice to women, not a mental disorder.

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