CCHR Int Newsletter — November 2013


2.2-billion-dollar-johnson-and-johnson-settlementThis past month Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay more than $2.2 billion in fines to settle accusations that it improperly promoted the antipsychotic drug Risperdal to older adults and children.

It is the third-largest pharmaceutical settlement ever in the U.S. and the largest in a string of cases involving the marketing of antipsychotic drugs. It also reflects a decade-long effort by U.S. authorities to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for illegally marketing drugs to older patients with dementia as well as children, despite the grave health risks of the drugs.

Safeguarding Human Rights for 45 Years—Save the Date

cchr-anniversary-dinner-save-the-dateThis year’s event will be held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites in Los Angeles, California.

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For more information or to book tickets, please call Eitan Celender or Deborah Bolin at (800) 869-2247 or (323) 467-4242, you can also email

What Your Contributions Help Us Achieve

what-you-helped-us-achieveYour contributions are helping us to help others! Here’s an example of just that::

“I witnessed my grandson’s horrific personality changes as a result of being placed on high powered psychotropics. It was only after careful weaning that he’s returned to his sweet-spirited self. While drugged, he was extremely violent and unpredictable. Now, he’s a normal 9 year old with a kind heart. The drugs absolutely made him violent beyond control, and if the psychiatrists had had their way, he’d be institutionalized as I type. Thank God for CCHR.”


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