CCHR Int Newsletter — July 2016


uhs-investigationCCHR’s ongoing investigations into privately-owned psychiatric facilities has led to calls for governments to ensure greater accountability from the for-profit psychiatric sector. Concurrently, government inspectors are investigating patient complaints and have cited 44 of Universal Health Services’ (UHS) hospitals in 23 states for dangerously poor care or unsafe conditions between 2012 and mid-2015, according to a Dallas Morning News investigation this year.

Several of UHS’s psychiatric facilities have either been closed, have had their Medicare/Medicaid funding cut, are being sued in court, or are under federal investigation. Some of these include:

Timberlawn psychiatric hospital cut off from federal funding.
UHS closes its facility in Florida after being “hit with abuse allegations.”
Rock River Psychiatric Center closed and sued over rape allegations.
UHS under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for possible billing fraud.
Lawsuit filed against Riveredge psychiatric hospital in Forest Park, IL.

With your support CCHR has filed literally hundreds of individual complaints against various psychiatric facilities and will only be increasing its efforts toward getting more and more funding cut and psychiatric facilities closed.

CCHR Calls for Risperdal-Psychiatric Researchers to Be Held Accountable for Downplaying Risks

risperdalIn one of its recent online press releases, CCHR called for psychiatric researchers, which have an equal if not greater responsibility in clinical trial outcomes being accurately published, to also be investigated. There should be no immunity just because they are paid by a pharmaceutical company. The article reads:

“On July 1, 2016, a Philadelphia jury awarded $70 million to the family of a boy, Andrew Yount of Tennessee, who developed breasts (gynecomastia) at age 5 after taking Johnson & Johnson unit Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ antipsychotic drug Risperdal.

“CCHR says that while J&J/Janssen are being held financially accountable, the ‘scientists’ involved in research who were either involved with or remained silent about the alleged cover-up also need to be named and investigated for any potential prosecution.”

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CCHR Calls for International Criminal Court (ICC) to Intervene in Psychiatric Crimes Against Falun Gong in China

falun-gongCCHR, in support of the recently passed Congressional Resolution, H.R. 343, is calling for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to intervene in what constitutes a crime against humanity. CCHR, U.S. Congress and many other organizations condemn the practice of incarcerating and torturing Falun Gong practitioners in China’s psychiatric facilities and the harvesting of their organs.

In order to justify detainment in psychiatric facilities and prisons, those who pose a perceived threat to the social order in China, such as the Falun Gong, are diagnosed by psychiatrists with invented disorders that, on their face, are embarrassingly transparent, including: “delusions of reform,” “political maniacs,” and “litigious mania.”

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