CCHR Int Newsletter — October 2014


cchr-launches-investigation-maryanne-godboldoIn response to the state of Michigan’s repeated attempts to prosecute mother Maryanne Godboldo for refusing to drug her daughter, CCHR has launched an in-depth investigation into Michigan’s mental health policies to get to the bottom of the state’s seemingly endless prosecution of Godboldo.

With psychiatric drugs having been at the forefront of this case since the beginning, CCHR, determined to reveal those responsible for the violation of Ariana’s rights, has filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the pertinent agencies and psychiatric facilities involved in Ariana’s forced incarceration and drugging.

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CCHR Calls for Global Adoption of Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights—During “Mental Health Awareness Week”

mental-health-declaration-of-human-rightsThe first week of this past month, the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry was busy promoting “Mental Illness Awareness Week,” a pharmaceutically funded campaign that is basically calling for more people to get “treatment”… when what is actually needed is an international set of protections from an invasive, intrusive and abusive mental health industry—A Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights….

CCHR argues that instead of more drugs and more thinly veiled pharmaceutical marketing campaigns, such as NAMI’s campaign to “End the Stigma of Mental Illness,” real mental health awareness should focus on the damage being inflicted upon millions under the guise of mental health.

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CCHR Success Story

success-storyHere’s just one example of how our website ( is changing lives.

“I am an LPC [Licensed Professional Counselor] in Texas. I’ve watched my daughter go through terrible side effects from her bipolar meds. After devouring your website and educating myself and looking at the research — you’ve won me over!

“Due to this paradigm shift, I have completely changed the way I operate my private counseling practice! I have now partnered with a natural health practitioner who uses homeopathy and I have seen great progress in my daughter and my patients! I continue trying to educate my co-workers and other therapists.

“Slowly, as my daughter has come off the meds, we see glimpses of the girl we used to know. “
— Dawn, mother

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