CCHR Int Newsletter — October 2015


oregon-shootingLaw enforcement officials identified 26-year old, Chris Harper Mercer, as the gunman who killed 10 people and wounded seven others at Umpqua Community College in southwestern Oregon. It appears Mercer is another in a long list of school shooters who have a history of mental health services and, more likely than not, had been prescribed psychiatric drugs.

Despite 22 international drug regulatory warnings citing violence, psychosis, mania and even homicidal ideation as side effects of these drugs, there has yet to be a federal investigation to determine the extent of mass induced acts of violence that could be caused by psychiatric drug use…

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Head of U.S. Mental Health Research Departs Amid Growing Controversy over Psychiatric Diagnosis

head-nimhThe National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), which receives billions of taxpayer dollars in funding for “mental health research,” was behind a firestorm of controversy in 2013 when its Director, Thomas R. Insel, rocked the psychiatric community by publicly exposing the complete lack of science behind psychiatric diagnosing, which has lead to an epidemic of “mental illness” in the U.S.

Now, with the announcement of Insel’s November 1st departure from NIMH, a brief look at Insel’s 13-year tenure at NIMH seems appropriate…

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