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Psychiatric Hospital staff ‘puzzled’ by teenager’s fatal overdose—maybe they should brush up on their drug warnings

A teenager who was under psychiatric “care” was found dead with two antipsychotic drugs in his system. The consulting psychiatrist says he is “puzzled” about his death and that they have “no explanation at all.” Really. Perhaps the good doctor should brush up on the international drug regulatory warnings for the drugs they are prescribing. CCHR’s psychiatric drug database contains 24 international drug regulatory warnings on Antipsychotic drugs, and 49 international studies citing side effects including diabetes, obesity, blood clots, heart problems, cardiac events, cancer, tumors, death/sudden death.

Harvard psychologist links America’s growing number of obese children & adults to psychiatric drug use

Obesity is an epidemic–or at least a major concern for many Americans. We obsess over diet fads, exercise machines, portion control, and The Biggest Loser, all in an effort to get our ballooning waistlines in check. However, according to some researchers, we are looking in all the wrong places for the reason why we’re so fat. Instead of oversized and calorie-laden fast food meals, at least one expert is starting to wonder if the cause of our nation’s weight gain is prescription psychiatric drugs.