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Psychiatry’s new blood test for diagnosing kids”mentally ill”— is bogus

A study about a new “blood test” that can supposedly be used to determine teens have “Major Depressive Disorder” is being heralded by the press as a breakthrough in legitimizing psychiatric disorders as medical conditions. We’re going to cut to the chase—it’s not even close to a breakthrough. It’s the same old tactic psycho/pharma has used for decades; since they can’t prove mental disorders are medical conditions by any scientific/medical standards, they’ll just prove it in the press, which apparently requires no scientific evidence to come up with headlines such as this one “Scientists develop first blood test to diagnose depression.”

We’re going to make this simple: No they haven’t. Not even close.

Psychiatry bible ‘turns sorrow into sickness’

IT’S been branded a “dangerous public experiment” that could turn normal human experiences into an epidemic of mental illness with healthy people being drugged unnecessarily.

In radical changes to the way mental health conditions are diagnosed, what was once considered a child’s temper tantrum could be labelled ”disruptive mood dysregulation disorder”. If a widow grieves for more than a fortnight she might be diagnosed with ”major depressive disorder”. If a mother in a custody battle tries to turn a child against the father, it might create ”parental alienation disorder”.

These are among new conditions proposed for the fifth edition of the psychiatrist’s bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), due to be finalised next year.