A DANGEROUS COMBINATION: Corrupt Psychiatrists Partnering With Wealthy Pharmaceutical Giants

One of the most dangerous combinations I’m aware of is one institution that has become more and more creative, yet less and less scientific (psychiatry), combined with one of the most profitable, yet corrupt industries in the entire world (PhRMA)…


Dr. David W. Tanton
Holistic Practitioner
May 18, 2009

One of the most dangerous combinations I’m aware of is one institution that has become more and more creative, yet less and less scientific (psychiatry), combined with one of the most profitable, yet corrupt industries in the entire world (PhRMA). They both have one common goal, amassing wealth and influence. But unfortunately, it’s at your expense, and possibly worst of all, even that of our innocent children!  Unfortunately, they seldom have any say in the matter – the worst kind of child abuse!

I assume that at least many of you are likely familiar with both organizations I’m referring to. One is a group of psychiatrists, for example, who were responsible for creating the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) with its 374 different mental conditions, and the other is a group responsible for promoting the use of mind-altering drugs for a fee. Internally, the pharmaceutical companies often refer to them as prostitutes, as they are fully aware they’re always for sale for a price. The drug manufacturers first create an illusion – miracle drugs we somehow can’t do without. They then hire some psychiatrist with a fancy title (and no ethics), preferably also associated with a prominent institution, in an attempt to validate any deceptive claims they might choose to make.

Dr. Joseph Biederman, with Harvard University, is a prime example. He is, what I would consider, an egotistical poster boy for both corruption and greed. He is highly paid for his services, an issue that Senator Grassley recently insisted that he account for. Incidentally, Harvard University recently actually received an “F” grade, by their medical students, due to the excessive influence of pharmaceutical companies on their curriculum.

For some unknown reason, Dr. Biederman appears to have a high regard for what he considers as accomplishments. He has been instrumental in perpetrating the total fraud that millions of our innocent children should somehow be placed on dangerous mind-altering drugs, for their best interest, of course. It’s about time that someone finally exposed Dr. Biederman for what he truly is – a total fraud, with absolutely no ethics!

Stricter Guidelines For Prescribing Medications Should Be Established & Enforced!

Doctors should be held accountable for the indiscriminate, and inappropriate, prescribing of potentially dangerous mind-altering drugs! It should also be required for all doctors (not just psychiatrists) responsible for prescribing such potentially dangerous mind-altering medications, to first be:

  • Familiar with natural, non-drug solutions that are perfectly safe, and normally “far more effective.”  That should always be the very first consideration! In my opinion, if done properly, prescribing a drug should not be necessary!
  • Fully aware of all the risks (both physical and mental) associated with the drugs they might consider prescribing. That’s just logical. Why should doctors be allowed to continue prescribing serious drugs, without knowing “all their risks”?
  • Aware of how many complaints about serious reactions regarding the drug in question that had been filed with the FDA. Keeping in mind that, according to David Kessler, the former FDA commissioner, only 1% actually file a complaint.
  • Aware of all the potential side effects, and contraindications (serious drug interactions) with other drugs. For instance, ProzacTM poses an especially serious risk, in that regard.
  • Made aware that, by far the majority of students involved in school shootings were on one or more “mind-altering” drug. Quite often, according to their classmates and associates, these were actions that were totally out of character for the shooters.

To prove my point, in her book Prozac – Panacea or Pandora? Dr. Ann Blake Tracy shares the experiences of many of her patients while they were taking Prozac (before she got them off). Following are just three examples:

  • “I thought I had someone else’s brain in my body!”
  • “Throughout my life I have always been known as ‘Mr. Mellow,’ but the rage I felt on Prozac helped me to understand how someone could murder another.”
  • “Wicked! That’s exactly how you feel on Prozac, wicked, just plain wicked!”

Any drug with that kind of potential, capable of dramatically altering a person’s perceptions, and especially their behavior, is outright scary! Yet, the FDA somehow concluded that Prozac is somehow perfectly safe for our children! What do you think?


About the Author:

Dr. David W. Tanton graduated with honors from Clayton College of Natural Healing with a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition, and is the research director of the Soaring Heights Longevity Research Center. He feels that maintaining optimum health can only be achieved by avoiding prescription and over-the-counter medications. Dr. Tanton believes that by combining ancient wisdom along with the latest technology, we now have the potential to become not only disease-free, but literally turn back our biological clock.