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Antipsychotics Like Seroquel Blamed for Deaths and Strokes

According to a new report commissioned by the British government, there are an estimated 180,000 elderly people with dementia in the United Kingdom currently being treated with antipsychotic drugs such as Seroquel, Zyprexa, Risperdal and Abilify. The report found that these drugs could be responsible for as many as 1,800 deaths and 1,620 strokes each year among the elderly with dementia in the United Kingdom.

$112 million settlement: charged with kickbacks from drug company & recommending docs prescribe antipsychotic drug Risperdal

The U.S. Justice Department said that Johnson & Johnson’s kickbacks to Omnicare, the largest U.S. provider of pharmacy services to nursing homes, took multiple forms, including rebates that were conditioned on Omnicare engaging in an ‘Active Intervention Program’ for Risperdal and payments disguised as data purchase fees, educational grants, and fees to attend Omnicare meetings.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Antipsychotic Drugs, Their Harmful Effects, and the Limits of Tort Reform

Ironically, the FDA is approving these drugs for use in children at the same time that the Justice Department has been fining drug companies for illegally marketing these drugs to children. The illegal marketing corrupted and contaminated medical practice, encouraging physicians to prescribe off label, eventually leading the FDA to then approve off label prescribing. The studies used to justify this approval have been wholly developed and supervised by these same drugs companies using handpicked doctors who have often been involved in encouraging off label use. Drug companies commonly ghostwrite the research publications that appear under the names of these doctors.