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Campaign to Stop Electric Shock Therapy at the Judge Rotenberg Center Gains Momentum

More than 200,000 people have joined a campaign on Change.org calling for the Judge Rotenberg Center to stop its practice of giving electric shock treatments to students with special needs, for instance, Autism, as a form of therapy. Greg Miller started the petition on Change.org after video of a student with Autism being shocked for hours was released.

Miller was a teacher’s assistant at the Judge Rothberg Center from 2003-2006, and during that time, he said he not only witnessed the shocking of students but also shocked many of them himself. Miller says the students would receive shocks for even the most minor of behavioral issues and that other students would watch in fear as their peers received the shocks.

Therapists revolt against psychiatry’s bible

The most surprising critic of the DSM is a one-time pillar of the psychiatric establishment. Allen Frances, professor emeritus at Duke University, chaired the task force that created the DSM-4. Now he’s railing against both the process and proposed content of the new DSM in blogs on the website for Psychology Today that blast the new revision as “untested” and “unscientific.”

Psychiatric diagnoses are loose enough already, Frances told me, and that laxity has led to “epidemics of over-diagnosis in child psychiatry” causing huge numbers of children to be unnecessarily labeled with attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder and treated with medications.