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New allegations of suppressed drug data surface as thousands sue over antipsychotic drug causing weight gain/diabetes

The marketing team sued over a drug’s alleged side effects tried to suppress key data, an ex-employee has claimed. Seroquel’s former UK medical adviser told the BBC he was pressured to approve promotional material which said weight gain was not an issue. Maker AstraZeneca, which faces fresh legal action next month, said it took concerns about its conduct seriously.

FDA ‘considers’ Antipsychotic drug labels warning of weight gain/diabetes. Considers? Do your job-issue the warnings.

A study published last month in the Journal of the American Medical Association found the drugs caused children and adolescents to gain an average of 19 pounds in 11 weeks of treatment. The concern with weight gain seen with most antipsychotic drugs is whether it causes additional problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A top Food and Drug Administration official said Tuesday the agency is considering strengthening the labels of antipsychotic drugs to warn about weight gain and diabetes amid concerns the impact could be stronger in children compared to adults.