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“Antidepressant Romance Fuels Premedicated Murder” by Shane Ellison, Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry

With no such thing as a chemical imbalance or “depression inducing genes,” psychiatry did what any organization would do in the face of impending demise: Get the U.S Government to do their dirty work.

Today, an insidious collusion between Big Pharma and Big Government is doling out drugs paid for by our tax dollars to foster children, to our U.S. Troops, and to the elderly at breakneck speeds. With so many being drugged, a harsh reality is emerging: Antidepressant romance fuels “premedicated murder.”

The Prozac Calamity by award winning Scientist Shane Ellison

I love Big Pharma. After getting a masters degree in drug design, I was fortunate enough to work within their stinky labs and learn the inner workings of corporate drug making (and dealing). My most important lesson: Not all drugs are bad. Some are really bad. Take the so-called antidepressant Prozac as an example…

The real lowdown on Antidepressants: All Doped Up

Between 1996 and 2005, Reuters reports, the use of anti-depressants doubled to nearly 10 percent of the American population. In 1996, the figure was 13 million. Now, it’s 27 million. Those numbers, obviously, should cause some worry. For one thing, the suicide rate for middle-aged people is rising, Reuters reported, suicide being a risk factor in taking antidepressants. According to the Journal of Preventative Medicine, the suicide rate for middle-aged Americans increased 16 percent from 1999 to 2008, which roughly coincides with the massive increase in anti-depressant use.