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MISINTERPRETING BRAIN DAMAGE AS PROGRESS: The damaging effects of psychiatric drugs on children

All psychotropic drug effects occur by disabling the brain. Because a child becomes more subdued does not mean that there has been any real progress. The child has not learned any new skills. They have not learned self-control, they have merely been chemically strait jacketed. People are not understanding the damaging effects of psychiatric drugs on the brains and development of children.

The FAA will Allow Antidepressant Popping Pilots and their Lethal Side Effects in an Unfriendly Sky

The FDA has been approving psychotropic drugs, heart medications, birth control pills et al, with horrendous track records and mortal consequences since its inception. Some of those drugs have been taken off the market, but most like antidepressants are still available even though it is widely known they depress patients. Now we have the latest US government agency the FAA, which will now allow pilots to medicate and fly.