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Never again! The real history of psychiatry— by Dr. Peter Breggin, psychiatrist

There have been recent calls for a national Mental Health Registry, and then additional calls to link such a registry to gun licensing. In the dreadful wake of Newtown, both the left and the right and the current US federal administration are demanding that we tighten mental health statutes to make it easier and even mandatory for health care providers including psychiatrists and psychotherapists to incarcerate people on suspicion of perpetrating violence.

In a recent blog, I evaluated all the ways psychiatry and individual psychiatrists already have too much authority to lock up American citizens. I’ve pointed out how ineffective that power has proven in preventing violence.

Human Rights Group CCHR Gets Brave New Voice with Rapper Chill E.B.

The rap artist Chill E.B. is bringing the message of freedom from abuse to the masses, in his latest video. One of the rappers main causes is the group CCHR.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a nonprofit mental health watchdog, responsible for helping to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive practices. CCHR has long fought to restore basic inalienable human rights to the field of mental health, including, but not limited to, full informed consent regarding the medical legitimacy of psychiatric diagnosis, the risks of psychiatric treatments, the right to all available medical alternatives, and the right to refuse any treatment considered harmful.

Psychosurgery as Psychiatric “Disease” Propaganda

As suggested in the New York Times November 27th article, “Brain Power– Surgery for Mental Ills Offers Both Hope and Risk), being unable to brush ones teeth and the act of showering for seven hours at a time are not medical or surgical diseases. Even psychiatrists, having gone to medical school, know that a disease is an abnormality–gross (a lump), microscopic (cancer cells), or chemical (elevated blood sugar in diabetes). But in the wonderland of psychiatric diagnosis, they would have us believe that each of their labels is a physical abnormality/disease /disorder, when, instead, each is a lie—devoid of science and truth.