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Lawsuit alleges Pfizer used bogus research to get approval for its blockbuster antipsychotic drug Geodon

The lawsuit, filed by Dr. Stefan Kruszewski of Harrisburg, Pa., alleges that three of the researchers who helped conduct Geodon clinical trials – Dr. Richard Borison, Dr. Bruce Diamond and Dr. Louis Fabre – have been sanctioned by regulatory authorities. Borison and Diamond were debarred by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and received prison time, according to the suit, and Fabre earned sanctions in Texas for research misconduct.

Pfizer pays $300 million to resolve allegations of off-label marketing of its antipsychotic drug Geodon

“Pfizer targeted pediatrics and adolescents to expand off-label use and maintained on its payroll an army of more than 250 child psychiatrists nationwide. Pfizer regularly paid generous speaking fees to these child psychiatrists to give what were basically promotional lectures about the benefits of Geodon to their peers, who were naturally also child psychiatrists, despite the fact the drug is not FDA-approved or medically indicated to treat children at all.” According to (filing attorney), “the purpose and intent of paying so many child psychiatrists is clear — to gain a foothold within the fastest growing market for antipsychotics — children.”