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In Australia— 200 Psych Patients Died Suddenly

MORE than 200 psychiatric patients died in ”unexpected, unnatural or violent” circumstances last year, a report by Victoria’s chief psychiatrist reveals. Six patients died by committing suicide in hospital but most of the 237 deaths occurred in the community…Dr Vine’s annual report for 2009-10 shows that 14 per cent of inpatients were secluded, or confined in a room locked from the outside, in what guidelines say should be used only when a patient poses an immediate risk to himself or others.

A total of 1828 patients were secluded and there were 6059 episodes of seclusion, up slightly from the previous year. More than 1100 were for longer than 12 hours. A total of 1750 patients received electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), including 83 children, the youngest of whom was 13.

In Australia – Electric shock therapy on the rise for young

More than 1 million people are electroshocked every year, including children, the elderly and pregnant women. This is simply a brutal, invasive and damaging ‘treatment’ where up to 450 volts of electricity are sent through the skull. Psychiatrists admit they don’t know how electroshock ‘works’ and the reason behind this is simple: it doesn’t work. Not unless you consider cognitive impairment, brain seizures, permament memory loss and death ‘workable.’ Now in Australia, the use of electroshock for the young is on the rise. Mentioned in this article are the atrocities that were committed in Chelmsford psychiatric hospital where patients were put into drugged induced coma’s and electroshocked, killing dozens. That lethal and inhumane practice was exposed and then banned due to the efforts of CCHR. No organization has done more to expose the deadly practice of electroshock, or helped enact more international laws restricting or prohibiting its use, than CCHR.

Psychiatrists Push to Gain Support for Electroshocking Kids

The audacity of psychiatry never ceases to amaze us. Take the issue of electroshock ‘treatment’,
a brutal procedure born out of an Italian slaughterhouse when psychiatrist Ugo Cerletti saw how pigs were easier to slaughter after being electroshocked, and decided to try it on humans. For decades psychiatrists have attempted to prove the efficacy of sending up to 450 volts of electricity searing through the brain, and for decades they have failed. The entire premise is so moronic it’s hard for any rational human being to comprehend how any ‘medical professional’ could justify it as “treatment.” In fact, this is probably the reason that the public, having a natural and rational abhorrence for electroshock, often don’t believe psychiatrists still shock people. But they do. In fact, millions are electroshocked each year, including the ‘ elderly, pregnant women and children.

Survivors and supporters push for a ban on electroshock therapy in Ontario

When Dorothy Washburn Dundas was 19 years old she became sad, felt lonely and attempted suicide by swallowing a half a bottle of aspirin. Her parents took her to the Massachusetts General Hospital where Dundas began what she called her “three-year hellish odyssey as a prisoner of the mental-health system.” She was transferred to Balpate Hospital, a drug treatment centre in Georgetown, MA, diagnosed with schizophrenia and, in spite of her opposition, given 50 shock treatments. Fourty insulin and ten superimposed electric shocks.