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The Huffington Post — MKULTRA: the Perversion of Ethics

When you are going mad, you first notice new, shocking things about the world; you had not previously realized that the pigeon on the windowsill is always the same pigeon, nor that the rhythm of its coos is the rhythm of human speech. Only later does the fear begin, as you sense that even the most intimate and familiar parts of life are infested and undermined by secret forces. In the last phase, everything makes sense again. Your world is not that of other people, but you know what you have to do – whatever the consequences.

Woman describes devastating results of electroshock – calling it a human rights abuse that psychiatry gets away with

“I spent eight weeks in the psychiatric hospital and most of it is gone. I don’t remember where I ate or slept or who came to see me.” Mary Maddock had given birth to her daughter Claire two weeks earlier. “And not remembering things which had happened recently. It was like a big chunk of your life being taken away. This is why I can’t even remember holding Claire in my arms for the first time. It breaks my heart.”