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Woman describes devastating results of electroshock – calling it a human rights abuse that psychiatry gets away with

“I spent eight weeks in the psychiatric hospital and most of it is gone. I don’t remember where I ate or slept or who came to see me.” Mary Maddock had given birth to her daughter Claire two weeks earlier. “And not remembering things which had happened recently. It was like a big chunk of your life being taken away. This is why I can’t even remember holding Claire in my arms for the first time. It breaks my heart.”

Believe it or not, NAMI says ‘safest way to treat severe depression in a pregnant woman is probably electroconvulsive (ECT) therapy’

NAMI website: “The safest way to treat severe depression in a pregnant woman is probably electroconvulsive (ECT) therapy. Patients and families are sometimes frightened by the idea of ‘shock treatment,’ but in fact ECT is safer than antidepressant medication for a depressed pregnant woman. It can be used during any state of pregnancy, but is less risky after the first trimester.”

Now Psychs are recommending Electroshock for pregnant women who are depressed. Yep. Electroshock.

[Unbelievable as it may sound, psychiatrists are now advocating electroshock treatment for pregnant woman and their unborn children. Visit our webpage on the MOTHERS Act to see how psycho/pharma industry is pushing Congress to pass legislation that will get more pregnant women and nursing mothers on drugs

ECT, which involves an electric current that induces a seizure in the brain, has been “long regarded as a safe and effective treatment for severe depression in pregnancy,” the guidelines say. It may be particularly help for for women who aren’t helped by medication, or when a disorder is life-threatening. It doesn’t appear to be harmful to either the mother-to-be or the unborn children when they are carefully monitored, according to the guidelines.