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Psychiatrists Push to Gain Support for Electroshocking Kids

The audacity of psychiatry never ceases to amaze us. Take the issue of electroshock ‘treatment’,
a brutal procedure born out of an Italian slaughterhouse when psychiatrist Ugo Cerletti saw how pigs were easier to slaughter after being electroshocked, and decided to try it on humans. For decades psychiatrists have attempted to prove the efficacy of sending up to 450 volts of electricity searing through the brain, and for decades they have failed. The entire premise is so moronic it’s hard for any rational human being to comprehend how any ‘medical professional’ could justify it as “treatment.” In fact, this is probably the reason that the public, having a natural and rational abhorrence for electroshock, often don’t believe psychiatrists still shock people. But they do. In fact, millions are electroshocked each year, including the ‘ elderly, pregnant women and children.

1 million misdiagnosed ADHD children for $80B drug industry

Two new studies published suggest something wrong with the way ADHD is diagnosed in young children in the US, confirming the need for the public to utilize Citizens Commission on Human Rights International resources for injury prevention. One or the new studies found nearly 1 million children potentially misdiagnosed just because of being youngest in their kindergarten year, with the class youngest twice likely to be medicated with stimulant medication. The other study confirmed that whether children were born just before or just after the kindergarten cutoff date significantly affected chances of being diagnosed ADHD. 20 million children are taking psychiatric drugs according to the mental health watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHRI).