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Study Claims “ADHD Boys” Get in More Car Accidents—Fails to Mention ADHD Drug Side Effects & Recommends…More Drugging

It’s hard for anyone with a modicum of reason to understand how such glaringly flawed studies as the one posted below are pawned off on the public in the name of “mental health” recommendations. Case in point, a new “study” claims that “teenage boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are twice as likely to be involved in a serious car collision.” Now, by the researchers own admission, “they couldn’t determine whether the teens with ADHD were taking medication when the crashes occurred.” Well that’s a seriously major omission. Any teenager who has been diagnosed “ADHD” is almost assuredly on drugs. The most common of which is methylphenidate (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, etc.) According to the U.S. FDA methylphenidate is documented to cause: Hallucinations, Delusional Thinking, Sensory Disturbances, Mania, Psychosis, Aggression, Violence, Headaches, Nausea, Vomiting, Depression, Sleepiness, Drowsiness, Fatigue, Agitation, Irritability, Insomnia, Disturbed Sleep, Abnormally Tight Muscles, Cardiac Events, Stroke and Cerebrovascular Events. All side effects that would seriously impair a person’s ability to drive.

Death of Canadian Teen Under Investigation- Following Unwarranted Forced Antipsychotic Injections

A New Brunswick teen who asphyxiated in an Ontario prison cell while guards watched was restrained and forcibly injected with unnecessary tranquilizers and antipsychotic drugs at another institution three months earlier. Julian Falconer, the Smith family’s lawyer, filed Beaudry’s report with a coroner’s court in Toronto on Monday in an effort to expand the scope of an upcoming inquest into Smith’s death. “A psychiatrist prescribed medication without ever seeing her,” Falconer said. “Another health professional force administered, through forced injections, chemical restraints on Ashley.”

Jury recommends major reforms in drug prescribing after investigation of 18-year-old’s suicide under the influence of Paxil

There have been numerous claims that a medication caused a suicide, but few lead to sweeping changes. In Canada, however, the suicide of 18-year-old Sarah Carlin, who had taken the Paxil antidepressant, is a clear exception. Following a coroner’s inquest, Canada’s provincial and federal governments were told to ensure patients are better informed about drug risks, tighten regulations on drugmakers and establish an independent agency to regulate medications.