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The Overlooked Factor: Psychiatric Drugs—Call for a Federal Investigation

As lawmakers on the federal and state level scramble to use the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings as a justification for the adoption of sweeping new gun control measures, one group, AbleChild, is asking a critical, and overlooked, question: Were psychiatric drugs a causative factor for the Sandy Hook shooter and for dozens of other school shootings?

Adam Lanza Documents Released, But Still No Toxicology Test Results

One of the first people to “draw a potential connection between acts of deadly violence and psychiatric medication” was Neurosurgeon and CNN contributor Sanjay Gupta, MD. He asked, “…what medications, if any, he was on, and specifically I’m talking about antidepressants… If you look at the studies on other shootings like this that have happened, medications like this were a common factor…over a seven-year period, there were 11,000 episodes of violence related to drug side effects.”