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Adam Ant vows to become ‘political animal’ to rid world of anti-depressants

Adam Ant has spoken out against the use of anti-depressants which, according to the 80s pop icon, left him in “purgatory”. According to the singer they’re responsible for killing “the spirit” of people prescribed these “mind-altering drugs”. In order to tackle the issue, the 56-year-old believes he’ll have to become a “political animal”. In an interview with Music News, the singer, who has battled mental health problems and twice been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, explained his position: “I feel there is a very, very serious, serious problem in this country, or any country, with anti-depressants, and it affects everybody.

He continued: “It surrounds itself by being a taboo and by being a sense of guilt and by governments just kind of like phoning it in and giving people very, very strong mind-altering drugs, prescribed because they don’t kill you but they certainly kill the spirit and they kill your mentality.”