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Watchdog Radio

Watchdog Radio is brought to you by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a mental health watchdog and non-profit organization. CCHR investigates and exposes psychiatric violations of human rights and works shoulder to shoulder with like-minded groups and individuals who share a common purpose to clean up the field of mental health.

Its Commissioners include doctors, scientists, psychologists, lawyers, legislators, educators, business professionals, artists and civil and human rights representatives.

CCHR was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, professor emeritus of psychiatry, to eradicate mental health abuse and restore human rights to the field of mental health.

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Download Advocating for Foster Children 2014-03-17 (54.95 MB)

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Advocating for Foster Children

  • Samantha became a foster child at the age of 14 and was shuffled through many foster homes and shelters. She was motivated to do something about the abuse she had experienced and earned her Master's Degree as a Social Worker. Now she works as an advocate for children in the New Jersey Department of Children and Families. This week, Samantha Broderick talks about her journey through the foster care system and what she’s doing now to help improve it.


    Keywords: CCHR, Samantha Broderick, drugging foster children, New Jersey Department of Chidlren and Families