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CCHR is a group that gets incredible results. I am thankful that they are willing to fight for humanity and what is right. CCHR came to fight for me when I needed someone. I am here today to return the favor. There are many more kids like mine that need their help. You can help CCHR save them too. — R.G., Father

As a non-profit mental health watchdog, CCHR relies on memberships and donations in order to continue its mission. By becoming a member you become part of the largest movement for mental health reform in the world—join the group which has helped enact more than 150 laws protecting citizens from abusive mental health practices

Your membership helps us continue to create our free public awareness services, such as our one-of-a-kind psychiatric drug side effects search engine, videos, and educational materials, in addition to increasing the ranks of our membership base, which in turn helps us garner more support from legislators and opinion leaders around the world.


BASIC CCHR MEMBER – By making a $25.00 donation you become a Basic Member of CCHR. With this membership you will receive:

MembCard2014withFlare• A CCHR Member card (with all of our website/social media and contact information so you can easily refer people to us for more information)
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• The “Psychiatric Drugs and Your Child’s Future” E-book.

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dedicated-member-2• The exclusive CCHR Member T-Shirt (available only to Dedicated CCHR Members)
• A Dedicated CCHR Membership Card
• CCHR’s monthly newsletter
• The “Psychiatric Drugs and Your Child’s Future” E-book.

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