Ban Electroshock (ECT)

Petition to Ban Electroshock (ECT)
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed the electroshock therapy (ECT) device to remain on the market without requiring clinical studies proving safety and efficacy, and is considering the American Psychiatric Association’s written proposal to expand ECT’s use on the general public, including on children. Due to the documented risks attributed to ECT, we are calling on the FDA to prohibit its use. Sign the petition here.

Report ECT Damage
If you or a family member, loved one or friend has been damaged by electroconvulsive (electroshock) treatment, please fill out this form.  All information received is kept in strict confidence.

10 Facts You May Not Know About Electroshock
1. FIRST CAME THE PIGS: The “science” behind electroshock as treatment was born out of a slaughterhouse in Rome, Italy. In 1938, Italian psychiatrist Ugo Cerletti saw pigs being electric shocked before slaughter, causing them to convulse and become more docile, thereby making them easier to kill. This inspired Cerletti to try the same “treatment” on humans. Read more >>

Documented Facts & Statistics About Modern Electroshock (ECT)
Most people don’t believe that electroshock (electroconvulsive therapy or ECT) is still being used in modern society. This is most likely because the mere idea of electroshock is so abhorrent that most people simply can’t believe it’s still being used. Factually, ECT is one of the most brutal “treatments” ever inflicted upon individuals under the guise of mental health care. Read more >>