CCHR Awards National TV News Journalist for Exposing the Dangers of Psychotropic Drugs


National news reporter and correspondent Douglas Kennedy has done more than 25 investigative reports on the dangers of psychiatric drugs in the past 13 years.

CCHR Commissioner, Erika Christensen:  “Our final award winner has been a correspondent for FOX TV News for 18 years. He has an innate sense of what is wrong, and he tenaciously and courageously finds out why. Colleagues describe Douglas Kennedy as ‘civic-minded,’ ‘a-hard-nosed and caring’ reporter, and one who shows a ‘journalistic dogged-ness’ to get at the truth. FOX National News Chief, Roger Ailes, holds him in great esteem. He stated: ‘Douglas Kennedy tells the truth and his calm and gentle demeanor always impressed me.’

“Mr. Kennedy graduated from Brown University in 1990 and worked first as a reporter for The Boston Herald, then a crime reporter for The New York Post. He joined Fox News in 1996. As an article once described him: ‘Kennedy is known for lacing up his all-terrain hiking sneakers and racing through FOX’s New York City newsroom, when news breaks.'”


Despite 22 international drug regulatory warnings citing violence as a known side effect of psychiatric drugs, Douglas Kennedy is the only national TV journalist to investigate the link between psychiatric drugs and school shootings.

CCHR Commissioner, Danny Masterson: “As a veteran news journalist, Mr. Kennedy’s live-coverage work has included, every presidential election since 1996, the Iraq War, the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, as well as Hurricane Katrina, just to name a few.

“His hard-core journalism has also exposed, head-on, the psycho-pharmaceutical industry. This has been in-spite of the industry spending more than 3 billion dollars every year marketing and peddling psychiatric drugs through television advertising. His stories exposing the violence and suicide-inducing effects of psychotropic drugs span 13 years.

“He has reported on pharmaceutical corruption and drug-induced school and military shootings more than any other television news journalist in history. USA Today—the most widely read newspaper in America—did a feature article naming high-profile journalists that advocate for a cause. It included: Diane Sawyer, Bob Woodruff, Anne Curry, OPRAH and… Douglas Kennedy.

“The simple fact is, when it comes to reporting the dangers of psychiatric drugs on national television, his work is unparalleled.”

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