Are Hospitals And Child Protective Services Conspiring To Kidnap Children?

What we have learned in our investigation is truly troubling, and needs to be exposed by the media.— Health Impact News

Inquisitr – October 19, 2014
By Terri LaPoint

A disturbing pattern is beginning to emerge with children being removed from their parents’ custody over differences in medical opinions. The most famous of these is the Justina Pelletier case, where Boston Children’s Hospital fought for and won state custody of her over a disagreement about a medical diagnosis. [note from CCHR: Somatoform, what Justina was diagnosed with by a psychologist at Boston children’s hospital is not a ‘medical’ condition but a subjective psychiatric disorder without evidence of physical or medial abnormality. The psychologist who diagnosed Justina was Simona Bujoreanu, who happened to be researching Somatoform Disorder under an NIH grant.]

Recently, The Inquisitr brought the news of two pre-teen sisters, Kayla and Hannah Diegel, who are currently being held by Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where they are drastically losing weight under the care of the state. Now, it is coming to light that there are dozens, if not hundreds, more of similar cases where state Child Protective Services agencies, in collusion with medical researchers or certain hospitals, are kidnapping children away from the families who love them for profit and for use as lab rats in medical experiments and research.

In the cases of Justina Pelletier and the two sisters, there are chilling similarities. Each of the children came from loving homes where they were receiving good care by all accounts by those who know the families. There was a change in doctors, a change in diagnoses, and all three children have rare genetic disorders. Coincidentally or not-so-coincidentally, both hospitals are involved in medical research projects involving the rare genetic disorders that the children have. The change in diagnosis for each child coincides with what the researchers wanted to study.

One of the doctors involved with both hospitals is the same doctor, who transferred from Boston to Phoenix. According to Conservative News and Views, there are two major research groups that have been involved in both cases, the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI).

Children with rare genetic disorders are, well, rare. As Health Impact News reports, such a find is “a potential goldmine to pharmaceutical companies and researchers.” Researchers studying these rare disorders just happen to be at both Justina’s hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Diegel sisters’ facility, Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Justina Pelletier

Justina Pelletier

Perhaps coincidentally, in the previous 18 months before Justina Pelletier was taken in Boston, Liberty First by KrisAnne Hall reports that at least five other children were involved with disputed medical diagnoses, in which either the parents lost custody or were threatened with such loss if they did not submit to the new diagnosis or treatment plan. CPS and the courts were used in bullying the parents. This was happening so often that Boston Children’s was dubbed by the locals as “Parentectomy.”

There have been other stories that have made the headlines.

  • The Daily Mail reported that 16-year-old Isaiah Rider was medically kidnapped by Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago earlier this year.
  • Today reported that Norma Bracamontes whisked her daughter 11-year-old Emily out of Phoenix Children’s Hospital to Mexico, because the hospital was in the process of kidnapping her. The hospital had already amputated the girl’s arm and her mother was afraid for her child’s life. The treatment that she received in Mexico ended up helping her get better, not worse, as was the case in Phoenix.
  • The Inquisitr broke the news in February of the attempted medical kidnapping at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham when mom Aliea Bidwell tried to refuse a vaccine for her newborn baby.
  • HSLDA reported that a baby was kidnapped by Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania after the mother had the baby in the parking lot. She had originally planned to birth the baby at home with a midwife.

Most of these devastating stories never hit the news cycles, however, and the public remains blissfully unaware that they exist.

Since Health Impact News first broke the story of the plight of the Diegel sisters, a number of other parents have contacted them to tell their stories of similar horrors at the hand of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, as well as CPS.

“What we have learned in our investigation is truly troubling, and needs to be exposed by the media.”

Most parents want to remain anonymous, however, because they are scared. CPS has virtually unlimited, virtually unchecked power in almost every state. Parents like Melissa Diegel and Lou Pelletier have been slapped with gag orders, forbidden to speak publicly about the abuses by the system that their own children are suffering at the hands of the state, while their health deteriorates.


Kayla and Hannah Diegel

As The Inquisitr recently reported, 12-year-old Kayla Deigel has lost 25 percent of her body weight since being stolen from her parents’ custody; her sister Hannah, 10, has lost 17 percent. Justina Pelletier finally got free of Boston Children’s Hospital, but she is still suffering serious physical complications from the harm she suffered under their care.

Parents are terrified that, if they come forward and tell their story, the researchers and CPS will retaliate and cause even more harm to their children.

“What [Health Impact News has] learned is that while the problem of medical kidnapping is systemic and present in all 50 states, linked to federal funding for CPS and the foster care business, apparently it is ‘by far’ worse in Arizona than any other state.”

These innocent children are trapped in a cruel experiment not of their making, while most continue to think that “this couldn’t possibly happen in America.” It IS happening. KrisAnne Hall wants to know, “Where is the massive outrage for the two sisters outside of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital?”

As long as parents are bullied into silence, these atrocities will continue. Investigative reporters are only just beginning to scratch the surface of how deep the rabbit hole goes in these cases. At this point, no one really knows how many children are victims of this kind of tyranny, because of the fear that is instilled into families. How many more children will be kidnapped before this is stopped? Is all this just a coincidence or is it a very frightening pattern?

More importantly, when will Kayla and Hannah Diegel and other victims of medical kidnapping like them get to go home to their families?